1. Look for Experience - We have over 25 years of experience, & we specialize in residential plumbing. What that means for you – We know the codes and the construction of your area. We know what works and what doesn't. You’re not going to be our training ground. We'll do it right for you… and we'll save you money in the process.
2. Are you talking to the plumber on your initial call or a receptionist? A licensed plumber will pick up the phone and offer you friendly, no-pressure advice and answers to your questions. What that means for you – You'll feel comfortable whenever you deal with us. You'll know right from the start that our promise of honesty, integrity and value is more than just lip service.
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3. Look for a company that makes you feel comfortable - When we show's with a smile on our face – and we're clean cut, in uniform, with Photo Identification and everything we need to take care of you. What that means for you – Personal security – you'll feel comfortable welcoming us into your home. And when we leave, you'll feel good knowing we've cleaned up after ourselves leaving your home neat and tidy (even if you're not so neat and tidy).
4. Does your plumber guarantee their work? Our guarantees cover your satisfaction, the effectiveness of the repair, the parts...and the labor! What that means for you – Your money is going to be well spent. We'll save you money on the repairs, installations, and fixtures and you'll only pay for a job done right. Having to call on another plumber is a waste of your time and money. We'll see to it that NEVER happens.
5. Get a quote - All of our fees are discussed before we are ever dispatched and we will be happy to present them in writing. Extra charges, overtime or surcharges are discussed before the work begins so that there are no surprises. What that means for you – Everyone worries about fine print, weasel clauses and hidden charges. We're customers too and there’s nothing that turns us off more about a company. When you hire Ralph Sparan Plumbing, everything is laid out before work begins with no surprises.
6. What time frame will your plumber give you? We make appointments, we KEEP appointments! What that means for you – No "4-hour windows." No "we'll be there when we get there." We'll tell you when we're coming and we’ll show up on time. You’re busy enough without having to wait around for your plumber to arrive.
7. What is their reputation? We've maintained an excellent reputation with the communities we serve for more than 2 decades!! What that means for you – We have a great reputation and we aim to keep it. You'll see that from how we do business. Bottom line? You can feel good about choosing Ralph Sparan Plumbing.
8. Is your plumber GREEN? WE'RE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS and we care about the safety of you and your family. What that means for you – Our recommendations are not based on making ourselves the most money. We'll tell you the safety benefits of products and installations… which are environmentally sound… and which can reduce your energy costs.
9. Is your plumber licensed and insured? Our license # is 00204832-P1, take it and check us out. We're also fully insured. What that means for you – You don’t have to worry about any out of pocket expenses, or insurance fees in the event of an accident, injury or damage to your property. We're insured. We’re safe. And we have a vested interest in your safety as well as our own.
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